Let Us be Grateful

Grateful for all that is behind us and Grateful or that which is in front of us, and most of all grateful for NOW! As the year 2020 moves along, some look to the future with trepidation, some with fear, some for a promising future.  I look at the clock striking NOW as NOW the… Continue reading Let Us be Grateful

Mother’s Day 2020

On this Mother’s Day I might ask Mother May I? As I travel down the Mother Road looking for the Mother Lode, I feel the Mother’s Love from the heartbeat in the Mother’s Womb, I hear Mother Goose and I taste the Mother’s Milk that nurtured my life just as Mother Earth has nurtured Mother… Continue reading Mother’s Day 2020

For The Love of God

Ernest Holmes on Page 43 of The Science of Mind: In an intelligent study of the teachings of the Science of Mind, we come to understand that all is Love and yet all is Law. Love rules through Law. Love is the Divine Givingness; Love is the Way. Love is spontaneous; Law is impersonal. We… Continue reading For The Love of God