July 2019

2019-07 July

For 2019

07/01/19 – We need not worry how things are coming out; the law takes care of everything and returns to each exactly what is his due.

Ernest Holmes. – The Science of Mind p 487

07/02/19 – Those who have great faith, have great power.

Ernest Holmes. – The Science of Mind p 156

07/03/19 – We can so train our ears to hear the Divine Harmony within, that we shall be reproduce Its melody, rhythm, and beauty in all our ways.

Ernest Holmes. – The Science of Mind p 258

07/04/19 – Have enthusiasm and, above all, have a consciousness of love. . . .

Ernest Holmes. – The Science of Mind p 184

07/05/19 – Thought, like the seed, germinates and comes forth, like the tree, in the form of an idea. It then waits for the fruit to be eaten.

Phineas P. Quimby

07/06/19 – Look for the good and praise it, because whatever you praise will magnify and grow.

H. Fred Vogt

07/07/19 – We have within us a power greater than anything we shall ever contact . . .

Ernest Holmes – The Science of Mind – p. 146

07/08/19 – Let us learn to see through confusion into peace, to see through sickness into health, to see through poverty into success and abundance and to believe in the all-sustaining Good. We shall not be less practical because we do this, rather we shall deepen our faith and increase our vision. 

Ernest Holmes – ‘10 Ideas that make a Difference’

07/09/19 – Spiritual mind practice does not call for great concentration, but for deep realization and conviction.

Ernest Holmes. – How to Use The Science of Mind p 48

07/10/19 – The world is saturated with Diversity, immersed in Reality, and filled with possibility

Ernest Holmes – The Science of Mind – p. 490

07/11/19 – Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

07/12/19 – Anything you can dream of is not to great to undertake. . . .

Ernest Holmes. – The Science of Mind p288

07/13/19 – As the infinity of God surges through you to bless all with whom you come in contact, remember that the infinity of God is also surging through every other individual on earth.

Joel Goldsmith

07/14/19 – Let’s dare to be ourselves, for we do that better than anyone else can.

Shirley Briggs

07/15/19 – It is the office of the will to determine that to which the imagination is to respond.

Ernest Holmes. – The Science of Mind p 194

07/16/19 – Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

07/17/19 – Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

Winston Churchill

07/18/19 – No person whose entire time is spent in the contemplation of limitation can demonstrate freedom from such limitation! 

Ernest Holmes. – The Science of Mind p 267

07/19/19 – God is the friend of silence.

Mother Teresa

07/20/19 – What is known in one place may be known in all places. Time, space and obstructions are unknown to Mind and thought. 

Ernest Holmes – The Science of Mind p 352

07/21/19 – We must heal ourselves from worry. The tension is relaxed as we gain confidence in good, in truth, and in beauty.

07/22/19 – The will of God is always toward that which expresses life and happiness.

Ernest Holmes. – The Science of Mind p 412

07/23/19 – A grateful mind is a great mind, which eventually attracts to itself great things.


07/24/19 – You illuminate or darken your life by the ideas to which you consent.

Neville Goddard – Awakened Imagination

07/25/19 – The nature of gratitude helps dispel the idea that we do not have enough, that we will never have enough, and that we ourselves are not enough.

Wayne Dyer

07/26/19 – I can only change my life. No one else can do it for me.

Carol Burnett

07/27/19 – Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

Jonathan Swift

07/28/19 – There is a place that you are to fill that no one else can fill, something you are to do, which no one else can do.

Florence Scovel Shinn

07/29/19 – The earth contains untold riches, and the very air is vibrant with power.

Ernest Holmes. – The Science of Mind p 25

07/30/19 – The world will persist in exhibiting before you what you persist in affirming the world is.

Emma Curtis Hopkins

07/31/19 – Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Norman Vincent Peale