There are so many great Authors and so many Great Books it is a forever task to keep up and pass the messages for the books I enjoy, have enjoyed, and continue to use as reference in my life.

Ernest Holmes (1887 – 1960) is a most prolific author. An American New Thought writer, teacher and leader. Some of my favorites are:

Neville Goddard (1905 – 1972) is a personal favorite for me:

The Law and the Promise (1961) has been for some time an all time favorite.

Resurrection (1966) is a terrific guidebook for learning how to use imagination and emotion to guide your life and create your future. You have been using them all along, unknowingly for most peopel, so why not tune up your life to go it the direction your desire.

Joel Goldsmith

Beyond Words and Thought (1968)


The Way of the Bodhisattva (1997)