Who are Your Favorite Authors?

Ernest Holmes (1887-1960)
Creative Mind and Success. 1922.
The Science of Mind; a complete course of lessons in the science of mind and spirit. New York: R.M. McBride & Co. 1922.
This Thing Called You. Los Angeles: Tarcher. 2007.
Living the Science of Mind. Camarillo, California: DeVorss & Company. 1991.
365 Science of Mind: A Year of Daily Wisdom from Ernest Holmes.
How to Change Your Life: An Inspirational, Life-Changing Classic from the Ernest Holmes Library. Deerfield Beach, Florida: HCI. 1999.
Prayer: How to Pray Effectively. Los Angeles: Tarcher. 2007
Love and Law. Los Angeles: Tarcher. 2004

Thomas Troward (1847 – 1916)
The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science 1904
The Dore Lectures on Mental Science 1909
The Creative Process in the Individual 1915
Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning 1913
The Law and the Word 1917
The Hidden Power and Other Papers on Mental Science 1921.

Raymond Charles Barker

Treat Yourself To Life
The Power of Decision
Money is God in Action
The Science of Successful Living
How to Be Healthy, Wealthy, Happy
Spiritual Healing for Today

Emma Curtis Hopkins (1841-1925)
High mysticism. New York : E.S. Gorham, 1924.
A golden promise. Pittsfield, Mass. : Sun Print.
All is divine order. Pittsfield, Mass. : Sun Printing, 1925.
Awake thou that sleepest. Pittsfield, Mass. : Sun Print.
How to attain your good. Kansas City, MO. : Unity Tract Society, [1898-1914]
Spiritual law in the natural world. Chicago, Purdy Pub. Co., 1894.
Teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins. Cornwall Bridge, Conn. : High Watch Foundation,
The key to power. Kansas City, MO. : Unity Book Company, 1895, 1894.
The ministry of the Holy Mother. Cornwall Bridge, Conn. : Emma Curtis Hopkins Fund (Available online)
The radiant I am. Cornwall Bridge, Conn. : High Watch Fellowship (Available online)
The real kingdom. Pittsfield, Mass. : Sun Print., 1925.
Your idea of God. Pittsfield, Mass. : Sun Printing, 1927.

Florence Scovel Shinn (1871 – 1940)

The Game of Life and How to Play It. – 1925
Your Word is Your Wand – 1928
The Secret Door to Success – 1940

Emmet Fox (1886 – 1951)
Around the Year with Emmet Fox: A Book of Daily Readings. (1931)
Power Through Constructive Thinking. (1932)
The Sermon on the Mount: The Key to Success in Life. (1934)
Find and Use Your Inner Power. (1941)
Make Your Life Worthwhile. (1942)
Alter Your Life. (1950)
Stake Your Claim: Exploring the Gold Mine Within. (1952)
The Ten Commandments. (1953)
Diagrams for Living : The Bible Unveiled. (1968)

Louise Hay

Stuart Grayson

Fenwicke Holmes

and Many Many More