We Believe

Ernest Holmes said: We need to wake up and look at things differently. We need to take a long look at life and start to think differently about it. Life will always be life, but what it can mean to us depends upon what we think it can mean to us. Once we dare to… Continue reading We Believe

Our Living Legacy

Ernest Holmes states: To realize that God is ever-present and ever-available, is to know that all the wisdom, intelligence and power of the universe is Right Where You Are.   This Thing Called You And Right Where I Am As Well! Now that I realize my true nature, every negative thought has left me. I have… Continue reading Our Living Legacy


13 Thoughts to Ponder from Dr. Ernest Holmes There is one power in the Universe and we can all use it. We are all thinking, willing, knowing,conscious centers of Life. We are surrounded by, immersed in, and there is flowing through us a creative something… call it what you will. Life is not just something… Continue reading Oneness

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