Happy New Year Treatment

Being Grateful for Last Year – Next Year
and Most of All NOW!
As the year 2018 draws to a close, and many look to the new year for a promising future, I look at the clock striking NOW as the only time there is. Yes the rear view mirror is small and the windshield is large and we leave behind the old and look forward to the new, however the only time there is – – – is NOW.
I am grateful for Now and the one source that is always in the now, the one power we call many things from God to Sky Daddy. This source is everywhere at every point around me, every point. This power is in me and part of me. This source is constantly flowing and as ‘Sam I Am’ said in The famous metaphysical reference book Green Eggs and Ham – ‘There is no spot where God is not, There’s not, There’s not, There’s not’ So to interpret this deep thought we know that God is everywhere and we are somewhere and that is part of everywhere and therefore we are with God always and this is inescapable. Knowing this my gratefulness is deep and wide and everlasting. I know clearly that my life is one with God and forever shall be. This fills me with a great joy that goes from head to toe and fills the space around me and brings peace and joy to the world. Peace on earth is my vision and I am grateful for the power that spreads the peace and joy all through the universe.
I am forever grateful and thankful and appreciative for this. Let there be peace on earth. I declare it now and forever.
And So It Is

Templeton Center for Spiritual Living - By Charley Carlin

By Charley Carlin on December 29th, 2018 for Templeton Center for Spiritual Living