Christmas Season Treatment

There is one God, one power, one source, one, one, one. This source is in everything. Everything I see, touch, smell, or feel is rooted in God. I see goodness all around me. Goodness to my left, goodness to my right, goodness behind me,  goodness in front of me, goodness above me, goodness below me. I am wrapped in this beauty and I am part of this beauty. I indulge in the infinite as the infinite is totally available to me. I openly accept that the universe is sharing all in deed and in blessings that bring miracles to me every day. All thoughts of anything less than perfect drop away as these thoughts are no longer part of my consciousness.  I am happy, grateful, and pleased beyond measure for the goodness that is constantly flowing into my life at all levels. I know that the infinite source supplies me constantly, continually, and forever. I know that the source is doing its works all the time as life progresses in me and around me. Thanks, thanks, thanks.
And So It Is

Templeton Center for Spiritual Living - By Charley Carlin

And So It Is – Posted Templeton Center For Spiritual Living Facebook Page December 9th, 2018  By Charley Carlin