A Christmas Prayer – 2023

Today and everyday I will always remember that my thoughts are my prayers. And that There are no unimportant moments or thoughts.,

So, every thought counts. Every Thought. Every single thought.

So Let’s consider this.  There is one Power, One God, One Life Force and It is all around us, encompassing everything. Everything. And that includes me. So we are all part of this One and we are all Fully immersed in the One’s substance and Power.

We must be clear in our thoughts because,  as you all know, thoughts are creative. We must know, feel, smell and touch our thoughts as these thoughts are connected to that ultimate creative power.  Know your source, my source and everyone’s source is the same source. The one source.

God creates for all of us. For all of us equally.

Take only the high road in your mind. Let your thoughts soar with complete knowledge, belief, and confidence in your connection to, and use of,  this wonderful creative Power.

I know that what I think about comes about.

I am confident that this power is always working.

I am always creating good things and I flush all other thoughts from my consciousness.

I am grateful, ever so grateful, for this power and the wonderful life It has brought to me.

Today is a wonderful day. Today is my day. Today is filled with Love, Blessings and Friendship everywhere I look.

I am glowing. And So It Is.

Templeton Center for Spiritual Living - By Charley Carlin

Posted Templeton Center For Spiritual Living Facebook Page December 16th, 2018