Listen To Your Heart

As I recognize Spirit breathing Itself as me, I recognize that my life is Spirit expressing, being, living this experience that is called my life.

I align with the perfect union of love and law working together side

by side. Love and Law in this space of harmony. I listen to my heart as the Voice Celestial sings. From this song that I feel resonating and reverberating throughout my entire being, I consciously and compassionately create a world that works for all.

I first create in my mind’s eye a world that works for all, and knowing that manifestation springs forth from consciousness, I actively create it by choosing to see it, think it, feel it, speak it and live it.

My heart, my feelings — that intuitive knowing — is right now Guiding me to a world that works for all. How grateful I feel to accept the call of my heart’s song, the song of Creation singing Itself into being.

How appreciative I am for what is seen, unseen and yet to be seen. Being ever open at the top, knowing what I see in my mind is already in God’s Mind, because there is only that One Mind, and that mind is God.

And so I choose — just as all Science of Mind followers do — to practice. 

This is the legacy of what Science of Mind and Spirit teaches, what this philosophy offers, invites and calls forth — and I surrender into it.

There is only One Life, and that Life is God. That Life is living, breathing and being all that I am, creating a new world that works for All.

And So It Is