The Law of Attraction

From Chapter 18 of The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living - Ernest Holmes by Charles Carlin
Ernest Holmes

The one who has learned to love all people will find plenty of people who will return that Love. This is not mere sentiment, and it is more than a religious attitude of mind. It is a deep scientific fact, and one to which we should pay attention. The reason is this: All is mind, and as we attract to us what we first become, until we learn to love we are not sending out love vibrations and not until we send out those vibrations can we receive love in return.

We should EXPECT THE BEST,  and so live that the best may become part of our experience.

No matter what we do law will always obtain. If we are thinking of ourselves as poor and needy than mind has no choice but to return what we have thought into It.

“It is done unto you as you believe” stated another famous philosopher.

Thoughts of failure limitation or poverty are negative and must be counted out of our lives for all the time.  

God has given us a power and we must use It. We can do more towards saving the world by proving this law than all that charity has ever given to it. At all times we are either drawing things to us or pushing them away.

If we allow the world’s opinion to control I thinking then that will be our demonstration! The responsibility of setting the Law in motion is ours, but the responsibility of making it work its inherent in its own nature.

What we demonstrate today tomorrow and the next day is not as important as the tendency which our thought is taking . .  The dominant attitude of our mind.

If everyday things are a little better a little happier, a little more harmonious, a little more health-giving and joyous, If each day we expressing more life, we are going in the right direction

One of the first things to do is to love everybody. If you have not done this, begin to do so at once.

To him who has loved much, much is forgiven. A man may have many shortcomings, but if he loves greatly much will be forgiven him.  People are dying for real human interest, for genuine friendship, for someone to tell them they are all right. We always welcome the man who looks at the world as his friend and loves it. And it is a that the man who sees what he wants to see, regardless of what appears, will someday experience in the outer that which he has Faithfully scene in the within.

The great love for which I now feel for the world is the love of God, and it is felt by all and comes back to me from all. I understand all people and this understanding is reflected back to me from all.  I give friendship and therefore I have friends. I helped therefore, I am helped. I uplift, therefore I am uplifted I am now surrounded by all love, all friendship, all companionship, all Health, all happiness, all success. I am one with life.  I wait in silence while the great spirit Bears this message to the whole world.

And So It Is

Templeton Center for Spiritual Living - By Charley Carlin

Presented at the Center for Spiritual Living, Templeton, CA on February 3rd, 2019