Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living - Ernest Holmes by Charles Carlin
Ernest Holmes

Everything that is understood will be forgiven the past is gone when we learn to forgive and forget. The essence of spirit lies about us in unform state and it is its nature to take the form of our desires. When these desires are harmonious Our Lives will flow along with the current of cosmic creation semicolon when they are discordant we create confusion for ourselves. But the harmony of reality always dissipates the confusion of our false thoughts and acts. The Divine forgiveness. We are all human beings on the pathway of an eternal progress and we all make mistakes. But these mistakes are never held against us and the suffering from them exist only while we indulge in them. The Divine Giver is also the Divine for Giver. We have all made many mistakes in this life because of human ignorance. We have all done many things that we ought to have left undone. But unless we can feel that love and forgiveness are Eternal we should store up such a sense of condemnation within ourselves that we could not come to the point where we could even forgive ourselves for our own mistakes. And if we could not forget and if we could not forgive ourselves, we would always have an unconscious feeling that God, the Divine Giver, does not forgive us. Is the sun less warm because we stand in the shadow? Is the water less wet because we do not drink, or the glow of the fire less cheerful because we go where it is not? Man will have to learn to forgive himself, but he cannot do it unless he stops doing that which hurts. That is the only thing that the Universe asks of us. As we listen deeply to that within us which is divine we shall find that our accusations against others silently slip away and something seems to say to us, neither do I condemn thee.
And So It Is

Center for Spiritual Living in Templeton - Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

Presented on April 7th, 2019 at
Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living
Templeton, California