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We must enter into the joy of Life if we expect the joy of Life to enter into us. Joyful Living should be part of our adventure. If the great adventure were a closed book, if there were no trails that ran out into the unknown, and if there were no horizons beyond our present experience, the joy would go out of living. But the jubilant soul is a beholding one and the great adventure of life, the great game of living, lies in enthusiastic expectancy of the more yet to come.
Life has intended us to be glad. There is always a song when we know how to sing it, and always a joy if we can find it.
Life is not meant to be sad, dreary, forlorn, or hopeless. It is not meant to be a funeral march. It is meant to be a grand and sublime song of praise, a proclamation of joy, through the acceptance of happiness and wholeness in God.

God is happy, and if we wish to draw happiness into our experience, we must first unify ourselves with the happiness and the joy that God is.
How can we believe in a weeping universe or a sad God or a melancholy First Cause? Such concepts contradict the fundamental necessity of Reality, that God is a synonym for wholeness.
A person filled with joy must lavish it on others; one must share it with them. In this way one multiplies their own happiness.
We should live each day as though it were complete and perfect within itself. We should live each day as though all the joy in the universe were ours now. Practice this daily, every day! Joyful Living can be yours!
And So It Is

Adapted From Journey into Life by Ernest Holmes

Centers for Spiritual Living

Adopted By Charley Carlin RSCP Retired
From the Writings of Ernest Holmes

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