Expecting the Best: Live a Life Full of Positivity

One cannot be a good student of the Science of Mind who is filled with fear and confusion. One must maintain a state of equilibrium, a state of poise, a state of peace, and complete confidence in the Divine and Live in this state of spiritual understanding. One must always be Expecting the Best. The belief in the goodness must be greater than any apparent manifestation of its opposite. One should be careful not to divide one’s mental house against itself. Within us is The Unborn possibility of Limitless experience.

We suffer because we are not in both conscious and subconscious communication with the affirmative side of the universe. All human misery is a result of ignorance and nothing but knowledge and clear thought can free us from this mistake and its side-effects.

A Complete Majority

Remember and know clearly that One, alone, in Consciousness with the Infinite, constitutes a complete majority. Know this in your thought while working in perfect peace and calm. Always expect the good. Always. Have enthusiastic thoughts that are, above all, in a complete consciousness of Love – Keep this radiant feeling flowing through your Consciousness at all times. Treat yourself until you have a complete inner sense of unity with all Good.

Such an understanding teaches us that there can never come a time when we shall stop progressing; that age is an illusion, that limitation is a mistake, that unhappiness is ignorance. This understanding will remove all loneliness and give one a sense of security which knows no fear, a peace without which no life can be happy, a Poise which is founded in this peace, and a power which is the result of the complete Union of peace with poise.

Expecting the Best.

Finish all your treatments and prayers with a full realization of peace, remaining for some time in silent recognition that your work is done and complete and oh so perfect. The feeling of peace will flow throughout your mind and body. One should expect the best and so live that the best may become a part of one’s experience.
Change your thinking it will Change Your Life. Always be Expecting the Best.

And So It Is

Centers for Spiritual Living

Adopted By Charley Carlin RSCP Retired
From the Writings of Ernest Holmes