Compassion Love and Friendship

Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living - Ernest Holmes by Charles Carlin
Ernest Holmes

There’s something in the emotional experience of compassion, love, and friendship, which if we did not enter into, we would miss. Not only would we miss it, but we would not be complete without it. If we will listen to the heartbeat of each other and Humanity, we will hear the great Rhythm of the Universe resounding in us and through us.
The friends which our Consciousness attracts to us belong to us. Through them the infinite speaks a Divine language. God in Me means that there is one infinite person in all people which unites them in the bonds of love, friendship and compassion.
The person who loves others and has a feeling of compassion for them will always be loved because the law of life is the law of action and reaction. God is in everyone we shall ever meet. We are already one with all people in God. And you must accept that, because it is true. Everyone is one with us in God. We all wish to reap joy, happiness, compassion, love, friendship, Health, Harmony and success. Could we expect to keep our mind filled with such thoughts for our self unless it were filled with similar thoughts for others? Of course not. We have a right to expect that which we wish for others will be returned to us through others.
We have no right to expect that we can reap when we have not sown. There is no such thing as something for nothing. We must not think of people as Better or Worse. All people are good if we just meet them with compassion and acceptance. We shall bring out the best of every person who we meet. The Law of attraction is always in play.
Let us all accept all life with greater compassion for those near and far.
And So It Is

Center for Spiritual Living in Templeton - Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

Presented on May 5th, 2019
Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living
Templeton, California