What It Does – 2023

Ernest Holmes
Ernest Holmes

This month we are looking  at The initial chapters of the Science of Mind Textbook

The Thing Itself in Chapter One. Followed by The Way It Works and now in week three we explore What it Does.

What It Does

Ernest Holmes states in his masterpiece The Science of Mind – The Universe is impersonal. It gives to all alike . It values each alike. Its nature is to impart, ours to receive. . . .  It is the nature of the Universe to give us what we are able to take. . . . The Laws of the Universe are to be trusted but we must come to understand them before we can use them. (pg.43)

Let us waste no further time looking for the secret of success or the key to happiness. Already the door is open and whosoever will may enter. (pg. 47)

So let us pause here for a moment, and visualize that open door, knowing that there is One Spirit, One Power and One God and the door is open. Know that Spirit is everywhere, all around us and at every point in us. We are one with the One and as you may remember – There is no spot where God is not. – And God being everywhere means we are always one with God. And God is always with us. And – God is always with us. And – God is ALWAYS with us.

I take this knowledge, idea, and feeling into my everyday life and continue creating my perfect life at every moment, at every moment, at every instant.

This perfect life brings to me complete peace, incredible joy, deep love, and all the material that I can embody. It is my joy to embrace it all and bring it with me everywhere I go. It is my joy to bring this to everyone I see or imagine, and I give it to the world. I can feel this throughout my entire being. Through every fiber, every nerve, each muscle and all the tendons of my body. Oh how luscious.

I am grateful and thankful for these delectable ideas, thoughts and truths.

Let the Goodness Flow, Let the Joy radiate, Let the Universe deliver as it always does, Always has been and Always will be. This is the way it is,

And So It Is

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