The Way It Works – 2023

Emerson says:
There is no great and no small to the soul that maketh all.

Central Coast Center for Spirirtual Living -  Ernest Holmes
Ernest Holmes

Ernest Holmes States:
And so great is the power – so complete is our freedom in it, so absolute the domain of law – that misuse of this power has brought upon us the very conditions from which we suffer.

Ernest Holmes Further States:
As much as we can believe will be done unto us.
Ignorance of the law excuses no one from its effects.
Let us realize and work with this sound knowledge and perfect faith: That as high as we shall make our mark in Mind and Spirit, so high shall be its outward manifestation in our material world.

Knowing that there is only one Power and that this Power is working through you and through me all the time, nonstop, 24 / 7, 365 days a year, every single day! No Exceptions. Know that this power flows through the universe and through you and me as well. Know that you and I are One with this Power.
I trust in the Law and know with all my heart that goodness and blessings pour over me every instant of every minute of every day. I keep my mind and belief strong and clear 24 / 7 every day and every night. Consistently and constantly. This is another perfect day!

Oh what a feeling! I am so grateful and for everything and I know that it is all here all the time. My clarity and belief of these principles is through every cell of my being. Saying I am Thankful and grateful barely scratches the depth of my appreciation. Thank You God, keep up the good work, I am with you Today and Everyday.

And So It Is

Templeton Center for Spiritual Living - By Charley Carlin