Gratitude and Gratefulness

The topic for this week is gratitude. So I figured, gratitude, this is a wonderful topic, let’s take a look and see what Merriam Webster says about gratitude. Merriam-Webster States that Gratitude is the state of being grateful. So this pushed me over to Merriam-Webster again to define grateful. Grateful is defined as expressing gratitude or appreciative of benefits received. Looks like I might be stuck in a little loop here. Grateful is expressing gratitude and gratitude is being grateful. Hmmm This is a puzzle that each of us must unwind in our own particular way. I’m grateful to be here and I would Like to express my gratitude to Ernest Holmes for this teaching. I am expressing my gratitude by speaking with you using the principles of Science of Mind
Now I want to ask you. Where do you Express gratitude?
I like to express gratitude and gratefulness everyday.
I show gratitude every day, first by being grateful for being above ground.

Ernest Holmes said: Today I live in the quiet, joyous expectations of good.”

Further Holmes states ‘There is a foolproof way to get more love, happiness, peace and joy … We are talking about gratitude.’

So I ask how are you showing your Gratitude today?
Say to yourself or to the person next to you.
Let me express my sincere gratitude for . . . .

Remember Speak your word.
And So It Is