The One Presence

Realizing that all action starts in consciousness, and is a result of consciousness, prepares your mind to receive the best that life has to offer. Become increasingly aware of the one Presence, the one Life, and the one Spirit, which is God. Try to drop all sense of lack or limitation from your thought. The Spirit works for you through your belief. All things are possible to this Spirit; therefore, everything is possible to you in such degree as you can believe in and accept the operation of Spirit in your life. There is something within you that is completely aware of its oneness with power, of its unity with life. Drop all thoughts of discord and fear and permit the true pattern to come to the surface.
Say This: I allow the Divine Wholeness to flow through me in ever-widening circles of activity.
Every good I have experienced is now increased.
Every joy that has come into my life is now multiplied.
There is a new influx of inspiration into my thought.
I see more clearly than ever before that my divine birthright is freedom, joy, and eternal goodness.
The Divine Presence brings Itself to me through love and friendship, through peace and harmony.
Knowing that life gives according to my faith, I lift my mind, I elevate my faith, I listen deeply to the song of my being.
And So It Is

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