House of Perfection

You live in the house of God. The Household of God is a household of perfection. It is “the secret place of the most High” within you and within all people. The inhabitants of this household are all divine. They will become as divine to you as you permit. 

As you perceive them, that is how they perceive you, for this is the way of life. Everything responds to you at the level of your recognition of it. 

In the household of God there is no jealousy, no littleness nor meanness. It is a household of joy, a place of happiness and contentment. Here is warmth, color, and beauty. Seen in this light, your earthly house symbolizes the Kingdom of Divine.

 Harmony in which no one is a stranger. 

Say this: Nothing is alien to me. Nothing enters into my experience but joy, integrity, and friendship. The good I would realize for myself I realize for all others. I cannot desire a good for myself other than the good I desire for everyone else. Neither do I deny myself the good I affirm for others. 

I know that in the household in which I live the host is God, the living Spirit Almighty, the guests are all people; 

The invitation has been eternally written for all to enter and dwell therein as the guests of this Eternal Host forever.

And So It Is

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