The evolution of freedom in the human mind has been a slow process. Many movements in the world that claim to be seeking liberty only produce new kinds of problems. If we want freedom, we must understand that freedom can never come by the imposition of a will of one group over another. It is born finally, and only in such a degree as some system is devised whereby individuals are allowed complete freedom so long as they do not, in their freedom, impose grief and limitation on someone else.
So . . .
Today I consciously let go of every problem and upset. I drop all sense of lack or limitation from my thought. I release every belief that I have ever had of lack or fear.
I now have a belief in success and faith. I feel the spirit within me expressing itself in perfect freedom. This is bringing increasing joy into my experience. I allow the Divine to flow through me in ever-widening fields of activity.
Every good that I have experienced now increases tenfold. Every joy that I have ever experienced is now multiplied. Freedom flows through me like a mighty river. There is a new stream of inspiration surging into my consciousness.
I see more clearly than ever before that my Divine Birthright is and always has been freedom, joy, and eternal goodness.
I know that the same Birthright is given in full measure to all people.
As I look into nature it responds with 1000 joys of beauty and harmony. As I look deep into the souls of people I see the Divine image imprinted with everyone. In them sorrow is now turned into Joy. The sun of hope rises never to set. This power is delivered unto me. This power is used by all expressing Freem, joy, and goodness for all. The divine presence gives itself to me in love, friendship, and peace. Freedom, joy, and goodness are mine now and forever.

And So It Is

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