The One Presence

There is a Power operating through us. There is a Presence inspiring us and an Intelligence guiding us This Law of Good is sustaining you and I. 

Upon this Presence, this Power, and this Law we place complete reliance. We all live in this Divine Presence and It is in us all. We know that the creative Law of Good is infinite and will do for us or bring to us anything and everything necessary for our full and complete happiness. 

Its whole desire for us is one of freedom and joy. 

So say this: I know that freedom and joy are mine today. This freedom and joy spontaneously expresses itself in my experience. There is nothing in me that can obstruct this force. This flows through me, and thru every cell. I am conscious of an Infinite Wisdom directing me. Whatever I ought to know I already know. Whatever I ought to do I will do. Whatever belongs to me comes ever so easily to me. My every thought and decision are molded by intelligence and expressed through the law and manifest in my experience. I not only think upon and realize the meaning of this truth, I am impelled to act upon it intelligently, creatively, without confusion, doubt, or hesitation. With joy I enter into the fulfillment of life.

And So It Is