Sing Life’s Song of Joy

You are part of the Universal Mind, one with the Universal Substance. You live, move, and have your being in pure Spirit. All the wealth, the power, and the goodness of this Spirit exist at the center of your being. You experience this good in such degree as you accept, believe in, and feel it. As you enter into life, feeling the Divine Presence in everything, more and more you will hear a Song of Joy singing at the center of your being. You have only to be still and listen to this Song of Life, for it is always there.

Say this: Knowing that the loving Presence is always closer to me than my very breath, I have nothing to fear. I feel this living loving protection around me. I know that the Song of Joy, of Love, and of Peace is forever chanting its song of praise and beauty at the center of my being; therefore, I tune out all unhappy and negative ideas. I turn in to the sunshine of life, into brightness and laughter, into the joyous presence of radiant Spirit. I lay aside all anxiety, all striving, and let the law of Divine Love operate through me and into my affairs. Joyfully I anticipate greater abundance, more success, and a deeper peace. Gratitude wells up within my heart for all the blessings I am now receiving.

And So It Is

Centers for Spiritual Living

Adopted By Charley Carlin RSCP Retired
From the Writings of Ernest Holmes

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