Creative Mind – Creative Thought

Every human being thrills at the thought of having dreams come true. The idea means different things to different people. To one it may mean physical health: the ability to walk, run, play, and engage in activity. To another, it may mean abundance: a home, a car, opulence. To yet another, dreams may mean education, the ability to get along with people, or to have a loving mate. Whatever your personal desires may be—as long as they do not hurt you or someone else—you have a right to attain them. And you can. The ability to attain your goals—to control your experiences and have them result in happiness, prosperity, and success—lies in your own mind and the way you use it. This means you control your own experience—you are really in charge of your affairs and in the way they are to develop. If your thinking processes are under your personal control and if thought is acted upon by the creativity of Mind to produce results according to your belief, then you surely do have the power to become the master of your own affairs and to bring to pass those good conditions you desire. Let us keep in mind that we not only have the God-given ability to do this kind of results-oriented thinking, but that we also have the right to do it. Every thought that is a negation should be changed to an affirmation. When we do so, the Power that constantly flows through us will respond by producing the new experience we have affirmed.

Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life
And So It Is

Centers for Spiritual Living

Adopted By Charley Carlin RSCP Retired
From the Writings of Ernest Holmes

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