Relaxation and Treatment

 In Treatment If we feel that our thought—by our own will and through the power of concentration—must go out somewhere in the invisible and compel things to happen, then we will put strain into our prayer or treatment. Dr. Holmes has such a polite way to say that will power and concentration are not the keys to treatment. These are two of the things we must avoid. Our prayers must be spoken in faith, then released to the Power of the Law. This is the greatest use of faith and belief. This is affirmative prayer, which we call spiritual mind treatment, something greater than ourselves acts upon us. If we had the same faith in spiritual laws that we have in physical ones, our faith would be complete and miracles would happen constantly, every day. With Every Thought! 

As we turn to the Divine Center within us, then, realizing the fullness of the activity of the living Spirit is working through us. Let us announce our good. Without effort. Without strain.  With a relaxed receptivity, let us know that the Law of Mind acts upon our word. Not asking how or why, but with simple acceptance and complete belief, let us permit this good to be established in our experience. Knowing that the Divine Presence has given us of Its infinite nature. We accept that everything is good and is right where we are. We then accept that this is active in all of our affairs. 

Today, everything in my life comes under the control of God’s Intelligence, which is infinite. Everything is harmonized by It, Everything is unified with It. Consequently, my faith is complete. I know that I will be guided in everything I think, say, and do. I know that peace and joy and happiness will constantly flow from me to everyone I meet. Today everything in my experience is perfect. Joy goes before me, making every experience joyus and radiant with life. 

This is Treatment at its finest.

And So It Is

Centers for Spiritual Living

Adopted By Charley Carlin RSCP Retired
From the Writings of Ernest Holmes

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