Faith and Truth

A spiritual mind treatment or affirmation of Truth, or a prayer of faith, once made and completely accepted, is then acted upon by the Law of Mind, and the effect or result is independent of the person who has made the prayer. In order to understand this idea more clearly let us take a simple fact in nature. We bury an acorn in the ground and walk away from it knowing that someday an oak tree will grow. In the same way our word is acted upon creatively by some kind of intelligent Force, or Law, which knows how to create the form the word implies. Every scientist follows the same method in dealing with the principles of nature. We have every reason to believe there is a creative Law that acts upon our acceptance. This Law already is equipped with the know-how to do what we accept It is doing. It is the same Law that has governed all prayers of faith throughout the ages and brought about the results that have always been looked upon as miracles. They are miracles in the sense that it is a miracle for an egg to hatch. Faith, affirmation, and acceptance are acted upon by some creative Intelligence. 

Today I have faith in my own affirmations. I know that there is a Power flowing through me, taking the form of my belief, acting upon my acceptance, answering my prayer, and fulfilling my affirmation. Therefore, I am calling upon myself for a deeper faith, a broader conviction, a higher acceptance, a more complete realization. 

I affirm that every good thing I do will prosper, every person I meet will be blessed, every situation I touch will be helped. 

Everywhere I go some subtle influence of love and joy and peace will diffuse itself as a glow from the eternal Light of Heaven itself. 

And So It Is