Affirmative Prayer

 Today thousands of people are coming to believe in, and use, the power of affirmative prayer. We are entering into a new era of spiritual acceptance. Something definite is happening in the field of spiritual thought and endeavor. From all sources we are coming to realize that affirmative prayer is dynamic. It should be easier today than ever before for people to accept the simple teaching that there is a Power greater than ourselves that desires our good as well. This is a Law of Mind that we may consciously use for definite purposes. We shall be both inspirational and scientific when we come to believe this. It is the inspiration in the belief and scientific use of the Law  of Mind. For while the belief is personal, the Law of Mind is impersonal and acts upon our thought regardless of who we are. We must come to believe in the exactness of this Law. We must use It definitely and consciously. This requirement applies to every  physical science and it applies equally to Mental Science, to the Science of Mind. We are not dealing with chaotic laws that may or may not respond to us. We are dealing with the certainty of a reaction that is equal to our personal conviction. We are dealing with a definite principle, but the conviction is personal, a thing of warmth, of color, and of feeling. 

Today I affirm the All-Good. I know that my word, being acted upon by a Power greater than I am The Law is sure to accomplish its purpose. Therefore, I find peace, joy, and an inward tranquility in my own acceptance. Knowing that the Law of God is perfect. I know that my word is certain. My faith is complete; my affirmation cannot be denied. Living in this continual acceptance. I find security in this complete trust. In gratitude I accept every good thing Life has to offer. In love I share this with all. 

And So It Is