The Peaceful Mind

The peaceful mind is calm in the midst of confusion, but the Mind tortured by the events of the day, fearful of the future, introspecting the past, finds no tranquility and is continuously tormented by itself. Tormented by itself.

Peace is brought about through a conscious Unity of the self with the inner principle of life. With that underlying current flowing from a Divine Center, pressing ever outward into expression.

Ernest Holmes Said
Let your thought be filled with an atmosphere of helpfulness, of givingness, and of peace.

The moment of transition from external confusion to inward peace is indicated as we passed through the negation of opposites to an affirmation of unity. A change in Affairs does not necessarily bring peace. Friends cannot make the gift of peace. Money cannot purchase it. Nothing can bring peace but the revelation of the individual to oneself. Such peace as any person possesses comes from a conscious or unconscious agreement with the universe and a non-combative attitude toward it.

The Divine does not come to us bringing an olive branch of peace to relieve our confusion. The Divine knows no confusion. It persists and remains true to its own nature. The nature of God is peace.

We say that God is peace, but the individual only gets peace when one has it inside. This revelation is not a God of Peace, but a God who is peace. God does not acquire qualities.

God is the essence; the quality is merely the way it manifests itself to the world. The spirit is ever calm and filled with peace for it has no enemies to contend with or against.

The real peace of God and the true connection of all of mankind brings a world that can truly live in peace.

And So It Is