The Power of Love

One of my favorite reminders comes from Neville Goddard who in his book Awakened Imagination states:

‘You illuminate or darken your life by the ideas to which you consent.’

So I ask you, to what Ideas do you consent? This seems quite worthy of contemplation, deep contemplation. So what’s rolling around in your consciousness?

As the sun dissolves Darkness, so love conquers hate. Perfect love casts out fear.
Love is the center of reality, the heart of the universe, and Love will ultimately win and vanquish every foe.

Ernest Holmes stated ‘Never let anything cause you to doubt your ability to demonstrate the truth.’
So when we are Reminded that – What You think about Comes about — This is not just a catch phrase. It is recognizing the power of thought and the power of your word and the power of your consciousness. It is a reminder of our connection to the power that is being used by all of us. With every thought. Every Thought.
The only person who knows anything about love is the person who loves. Every Act of human affection and love, of generous giving and receiving, of kindly relationships with others, is an extension of the spirit of Life flowing through us.
Life is the great giver and each one of us is a distributor.
So, Simply Stated:
Change Your thinking and change your life.

And So It Is