Love and Consciousness

Ernest Holmes stated in his most famous book, The Science of Mind, that ‘Love, like the river of Life, flows through me and refreshes me with its eternal blessing.’
The Infinite contains unlimited love, compassion, peace of mind and faith. There are times when we need more love and more tolerance, more kindness and more understanding, and a deeper faith. These are the real crises of our life and it’s at such times, unless we have love and have faith stored up, we not only become impoverished, but we sometimes become destitute of hope. And then despair takes the place of hope, and then fear takes the place of faith.
How would it be if we would open the global consciousness, and then realize that we were drawing on the infinite. How about if each day we deposited into the global consciousness more than enough hope, happiness, compassion and Faith to meet anything we might encounter.
The wonderful part about this is that we know that life contains all these things and more. Life is always ready to give them to us, freely.
In the Divine scheme of things, this is really wonderful. So let us pray a little bit here:
God is love and all the love there is is mine now. I shall always see something lovable in everyone I meet, In every situation in which I find myself there is peace. I shall be depositing love and compassion into the global consciousness. And when some experience comes along which seems unkind or unlovable, I shall be able to draw upon this global consciousness to bring peace and love to any condition that appears otherwise.
Remember Margaret Mead said ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’
We are those citizens. We are the thoughtful and committed citizens bringing love, compassion and peace to all situations around the world.
Remember every thought becomes part of the global consciousness. Are your thoughts helping increase compassion, love, and peace?Your thoughts and prayers are extremely important.
So with this in mind I am very very grateful. I am happy, thankful, grateful for the love, compassion and peace that surrounds me. I am grateful for each of you and the love and compassion you bring to the world. I am grateful for the peace that you bring to the world. I am grateful, grateful, grateful.
I am ever So grateful for this precious life and this precious moment.

And So It Is