A Series of Fortunate Events

Viewing Life as a Series of Fortunate Events
Gratitude is one of the chief Graces of human existence. Even those who do not usually say grace before meals would do well to lift their thoughts in thanks and gratitude. Put aside all those thoughts of worry, distrust, and anxiety, thereby ensuring wonderful digestion. This is a perfect aid to health as well a good starting place. Let us Continue.
Be grateful for Everything
In everything you do or say give thanks and more – be grateful. An attitude of gratitude is quite beneficial. An attitude of gratitude reflects the realization that we are now in heaven. We may love to do for those who cooperate with us and are grateful for our small endeavors. However we must be grateful for everything.
To daily meditate on the perfect life is a royal road to Freedom. To daily embody the attitude of gratitude takes one to a place of peace that feeds the soul abiding happiness. Let us learn to see as God must, with a perfect vision. Let us seek the good and the true. Let us believe in the gratefulness with our whole heart. Let us be grateful, constantly and continuously, very grateful.
Let us daily say to ourselves perfect God is within me, perfect life is within me. This is God, coming forth into expression through me. Lead Me ever into the paths of perfection and cause me to see only the good. For this, and so much more, I am grateful. Gratitude with great joy and harmony is one of the pinnacles of treatment.
With this practice my soul is illuminated. Harmony abounds. Peace surrounds me. I am truly overwhelmed. Gratefulness abides. Let us pray and be forever grateful.

And So It Is