Oneness for all People

Ernest Shurtleff Holmes was a man of inner wisdom, intuition, intelligence, curiosity and passion. He had the great desire to learn about life on planet Earth. Its meaning and purpose.

Holmes loved all people for he believed everyone had a contribution to make to our Humanity. He loved nature and was particularly fond of children and animals, for they accept love and affection and openly give Love and Affection (as well as being instantaneous forgivers).

Many who knew him said Holmes was a Mystic he did not wish to be set on a pedestal as many often tried to do. He met a woman one day, bursting with admiration for him, carried on about how wonderful he was. After several minutes of listening to her accolades, Holmes simply said ‘yes ma’am if it were not for all the Rocks I carry in my pockets I would surely drift heavenward’.

During his life he learned that there is a potential within everyone that far exceeds and individuals understanding, and he wanted all people to realize their potential and obtain a much higher level of living and they were experiencing. That I believe was one of his life goals.

His thirst for knowledge was insatiable as he studied the ponderings of Socrates, Jesus, the Buddha, Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, Judge Thomas Troward, Mary Eddie Baker, and many more philosophers and scriptures and great writings from all around the world. He was one of the last students of the teacher of teachers, Emma Curtis Hopkins.

Ernest Holmes had a love for all, how can we do any less ? We must have a love and affinity for all, no exceptions, all. We can do no less and Now we can do even More. Let us move forward in Oneness and reach out to all.

And So It Is