Free Spirit

You are free now. Believe it or not each and every one of us is now demonstrating their concept of life, but trained thought is far more powerful than untrained thought. So, the more clarity you give to your thought, the more power your thought will have. The more freedom you will have. The more completely One Believes,the more clarity and focus one has.

Now hope is good; it is better than despair, but it is a subtle illusion and is an unconscious compromise that has no p;ace in effective mental treatment. We will say to doubt . . . You have no place in my mind. Get out! I know that the faith within me now neutralizes ALL doubt.’ This is mental power in action.

So Let us be Thankful to be alive. Let us be Grateful for these teachings.
Let us be Grateful for all those around us.
Let us be content with all that we have.
Let us feel joy, happiness and delight with every breath and with every thought, knowing that we are one with God, One with the Power of God, one with the Love of God.

And So It Is