Free In Consciousness

We find that faith in God is a spiritual quality of the mind and understanding faith is based upon one immutable principle. It’s action is higher than that of the intellect because it is born of intuition.

One should have faith in himself, faith in his fellowman, in the universe, and in God. Our mind must be steady in its conviction that our life is some part of God, and that spirit is incarnated in us. Faith is the substance of the things hoped for, the evidence of Things Not Seen. (Page 178)

We will have arrived at a consciousness of unity only in such degree as we see that what we are looking FOR, we are looking WITH, and looking AT. Heaven Is Lost merely for the lack of a perception of Harmony. Hell is the Phantom abode of our morbid imaginations. Heaven and hell are states of consciousness. 
(Page 124)

Let us do our work consciously and thoroughly and leave the results to that law which is perfect. (Page 60)

And So It Is