The Devil

To believe in a devil would be to believe in Duality or in other words, to believe that there could be God and some opposing power. There is not a power for good and a power for evil. There is only one power. And it is God. There are people however who misuse the power. The only devil we shall ever know is that which appears as a result of our own negative thinking, which then creates a negative result. The devil is not a person but an idea based on poor thinking.

As we begin to get in touch daily with this perfect principle, we can then demonstrate it in our daily lives. Perfect God, perfect man, perfect Being. This is the absolute truth.

We can rise above that negative vibration of race thought by consciously focusing our awareness daily upon a higher reality. Race mind cannot operate through one who is fully aware of God’s presence in and around them.

The realization that we are responsible for the thoughts we think and thus can change those thoughts is the beginning of our use of the law in a conscious fashion. Change your thinking, change your life.

Know this truth and you are free to express your true self.

And So It Is

Readings today from How to Speak religious Science
by Dennis Merritt Jones R.SC.D.D.

Centers for Spiritual Living

Adopted By Charley Carlin RSCP Retired
From the Writings of Ernest Holmes