The Great Work of Your Life

We do not have to make the Law work. It is its nature to work in gladness. We should make known our desires and in confidence we should wait upon the perfect law to manifest through us. 

 It is demonstrated Beyond question that there are people who in certain States of Consciousness are able to see without physical eyes,  hear without the physical ear and communicate without the tongue. Indeed every faculty of the senses has been duplicated in the mind.

The world needs spiritual experience, as it needs bread and butter. Mankind needs spiritual conviction as mankind needs food and water. and with spiritual conviction comes all else. 

The universe holds nothing against us. No matter how many mistakes we have made, we are still perfect beings within, and within becomes the without if we will carefully train ourselves to listen to the Inner Voice of Truth which speaks to us in our moments of quietness in solitude.

 Listen Carefully as Hearing is a Divine idea in Mind, and all Divine ideas are perfect. Often called the small voice within, if one  listens carefully and one can hear and enjoy this wisdom.

And So It Is