Mother’s Day 2020

On this Mother’s Day I might ask Mother May I? As I travel down the Mother Road looking for the Mother Lode, I feel the Mother’s Love from the heartbeat in the Mother’s Womb, I hear Mother Goose and I taste the Mother’s Milk that nurtured my life just as Mother Earth has nurtured Mother Nature.

Love is at the center of Mother’s and your being. This Love wraps our lives with the heart and power of God. This heart is the center of divine love and perfect circulation.

Love’s action is harmonious, vital, and complete, there is no false action and no wrong action. The pulsations of life are steady, unceasing and perfect. Let your heart not be troubled. The calm, continuous, pulsations of Life are governed by Love.

So let us be still and hear that heartbeat. Hear that message of Love. Be still and know this Love surrounds us, envelopes us and is forever ours as we continue loving All Mothers as these Mothers have loved us.

And So It Is