Healing Power

We are all immersed in the atmosphere of our own thinking, which is the direct result of all we have ever said, thought, or done. Thought attracts what is like itself and repels what is unlike. We are drawn toward those things which we mentally image. Most of the inner processes of our thought have been unconscious. But when we understand the law, we learn to consciously embody what we wish, and think of this only, and then we are drawn silently toward it.

We must become actively constructive and happy in our thinking – not merely passively so. New and wholesome ideas of Life, vitality and hope must be accepted and incorporated into the substratum of our mental life, so that a more wholesome externalization May manifest in our bodily condition and environment.

The spirit can do for us only what it can do through us. Unless we are able to provide the consciousness it cannot make the gift. It must become operative through our own thought, we shall see that what we need is not some greater power, but a greater Consciousness, a deeper realization of life, a more Sublime concept of being, a more intimate concept of an already indwelling God, who is personal to us by virtue of being personified through us. Thought force is a movement of Consciousness in a field of mechanical but intelligent law. The physical universe is Spirit in form.

Thought is the conscious activity of the one thinking, and works as directed, through the law, and this law can be consciously set into motion. The law will work for the oneā€¦ The law will work for all to the fullest extent of their belief in and understanding of it. A realization of the presence of God is the most powerful healing agency known to the mind of man.

And So It Is