From Ernest Holmes book Journey Into Life


God answers every request at the level of the thought that makes the request. When the scientist listens, the artist imagines, the mathematician calculates, or the poet waits for the Muse to guide his fancy into word pictures, all are praying for Divine guidance. Each in their own sphere of action recieves as much guidance as they are capable of perceiving.

We may be surrounded by Divine wisdom, love, and intelligence, and still lack Divine guidance. Not that we lack the ability to accept it, for that is the gift of God forever made and forever delivered. But we lack the perception of this guidance and its operation through us.

To feel that a presence greater than we are is guiding us is normal. To trust the presence is sanity. To desire that the Divine shall express itself in our mind and project itself through our thought, is to be receptive to a greater side of our nature that lies open to us  . . . 

And So It Is