The Power of Words

The Power of Words, Thought, and Treatment

You do not need to look for a law of Health as opposed to a law of disease, there is only one law. This gives a great sense of relief since it means that there is a no power to oppose treatment. Page 209 The Science of Mind by Ernest HolmesĀ 

We should read, study, think and meditate upon those statements which tend to calm, to give Poise, and confidence, and erase all thoughts of fear and tension. The subjective law can only operate upon that which is giving it, so we must be very careful in our patterns of Thought. Page 246 The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

The only Secret is the persistent ability to use the law and the determination to continue to use it until we prove it. Page 176 The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

And So It Is

For the OnLine Templeton Center for Spiritual Living for 3/29/2020