Spiritual Sustainability

Good and Evil

Nothing opposes good but much seems to contradict it. There is no final power of evil, but the individual builds up a subjective reaction which contradicts his good, denies his wholeness, happiness, and freedom, and builds a barrier between that which he seems to be and that which he feels he ought to be.

If evil were a real entity, then we could not overcome it, but if it is merely one of the patterns of thought which we are weaving, then we may change the pattern. Evil is a negation of good. It will disappear individually and collectively in direct ratio as good dominates the thought. 

The knowledge of good overcomes evil, not by fighting it but by non-resisting, non- recognition, and refusing to accept it. In the place of the evil the good is known. The good is known and where it is known it is demonstrated. We shall empty ourselves of everything that does not belong too good. This does not mean the renunciation of happiness, joy, love, friendship, or accomplishment – only the renunciation of the belief in dualism that settles in one in our mind like a black cloud of ignorance, fear, and superstition, and becomes the morbidity of our introspection and the hopelessness of our outlook. 

Those who are willing to look forward to a greater good while at the same time carrying into action those precedents are the ones who provide a safeguard for true progress.

 We should read, study, think and meditate upon those statements which tend to calm, to give Poise and confidence, and erase all those thoughts of fear and tension. The subjective law can only operate upon that which it is given. So we must be very careful in our pattern of thought. We live in a sea of perfect life and we should take time to understand and sense this in our imagination. We should think of ourselves as being surrounded by a perfect life poised in an eternal calm. 

We are in a sea of untroubled waters of life, from which we may freely drink. We must do the drinking as no one else can do this for us. We should hold out our cup of acceptance until it is filled overflowing with the manifestation of our desire. 

And So It Is

For Templeton Center for Spiritual Living March 22nd, 2020