Our Living Legacy

Ernest Holmes states: To realize that God is ever-present and ever-available, is to know that all the wisdom, intelligence and power of the universe is Right Where You Are.  

This Thing Called You

And Right Where I Am As Well!

Now that I realize my true nature, every negative thought has left me. I have no fear, no dread, no feeling of inferiority, no feelings of tension. 

Every cell, tissue, organ, and function in my body is in complete Harmony. Only good can be manifest through me.

I love everyone and know that everyone loves me and is interested in me and in the work I am doing. I go about my work with ease and relaxation. I work quietly without strain. My nerves are strong, quick, study, with an abundant reserve of power for any situation. All the power of God is surging about me and through me in perfect peace and Harmony.  


“Even in those rare moments when there is no sound, text, or other information coming in from outside, our heads are filled with a constant loop of thoughts. How many minutes each day, if any, do you spend in true quiet?”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Clear Thought is mine.

And So It Is 

Presented on March 8th, 2020 at the Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living – Templeton, California 

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