Love is the great reality; hate the great negation.

Perfect love casts out fear. As the sun dissolves Darkness, so love conquers hate. Love is a self surrender which, instead of depriving, fulfills. Love will Find the solution within itself to every problem. Love will answer every question. Love is the center of reality, the heart of the universe, and Love will ultimately win and vanquish every foe.

Hate destroys until love heals, for love is greater than hate and finally love is triumphant and all the misunderstandings of hate are consumed in its Divine passion. Love Is the victor in every case. Love breaks down the iron bars of thought, shatters the walls of false belief, severs the chain of bondage which thought has imposed, and sets the captive free.

If you become receptive to the idea of love you become lovable. To the degree that someone embodies love, they are love.

The only person who knows anything about love is the person who loves. Every Act of human affection and love of generous giving and receiving, of kindly relationships with others, is an extension of the spirit of Life flowing through us. Life is the great giver and each one of us is a distributor.

And So It Is

For the Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living in Templeton, California on 3/1/2020