Silence, Stillness, and Joy

1905 - 1972 Neville Goddard
Neville Goddard

According to Neville Goddard Prayer is the master key. A simple key may fit one door of a house, but when it fits all doors it is a master key. Prayer is such a key to all earthly problems.
The Science of Mind text  says meditation is the generally  accepted as contemplation or continuous thought.
We have all heard what you think about comes about.
This sure seems in line with these definitions.

Let us proceed to define Silence with The Science of Mind:

This word, Silence, is used often and perhaps less understood than any one word in the terminology of the metaphysician. There is no place we must go for the silence. There is no particular posture we must assume, there is no formula we must repeat. Enter this inner sacred place by whatever route you choose. Some people live in such conscious Unity with good that instantly they can turn within and  and directly reach the silence. Others may need to approach by Prayer, by singing, by reading a special book, by repeating an inspirational poem or buy a montra. 

If we know God is forever right where we are, we should not be reaching out in every direction for him. 

In Dr. Suess terms:

1904 - 1991 - Dr. Seuss

There is no spot where God is not, there’s not, there’s not.  there’s not. 
He’s on your left and on your right. He’s out in front and up in flight.
He’s got your back, He’s in your car, no matter if you travel far.
He’s on the bus and on the train, He’s even walking down the lane
So Love the silence, you’ll never miss, and go forever into your bliss.

As we enter the inner chamber of our mind and close the door on all discord and confusion, and commune with your God. Your spiritual consciousness. No matter what method you use,  Use that method. Learn additional techniques, Study often, but most importantly commune with God in the silence of your mind at every opportunity. 

May peace will be with you

And So It Is

Presented at the Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living in Templeton California on December 15th, 2019 by Charley Carlin