Thanksgiving Blessing

Hope is good; it is better than despair, but it is subtle illusion and is an unconscious compromise, and has no part in effective mental treatment. We should say to doubt; ‘where did you come from, who is your father, etc . . . You have no place in my mind. Get out! I know that the faith within me now neutralizes ALL doubt.’ This is scientific use of a mental statement. There must be no compromise with consciousness.

Treatment is an active thing when you give a treatment you are not sitting around, hoping something may happen. You must be definite, constructive, sensing, and knowing that some specific good that is in accord with the principle is which we seek is demonstrated.

The one who wishes to demonstrate some particular good must become conscious of this particular good, if you wish to experience it. Therefore one must make their mind receptive to it and one must do this consciously. There is no hocus-pocus in mental treatment. It is always definite, conscious, concrete and explicit. We are all dealing with intelligence, and, of course, we should deal with it intelligently. The one who gives conscious focus to their thought, prayer and treatment must be careful with their mental actions. Every thought counts.

Believe it or not each and every one of us is now demonstrating their concept of life, but trained thought is far more powerful than untrained thought. So, the more clarity you give to your thought, the more power your thought will have. The more completely One Believes,the more clarity and focus one has. The more power one gives to their thought, the more completely one believes, the better.

Let your results of treatment and prayer reflect your clarity and belief as we give thanks for this teaching, the bounty that surrounds us, and our bounty of life. Let us give thanks for this precious life we have been given. Let us be grateful without boundaries, knowing the power of the infinite is with us always and we are the distributors. Look around and be grateful.

And So It Is

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