Let us remember that the Science of Mind philosophy requires Daily Commitment of study, spiritual mind treatment, and practice.
So Remember –
At the moment of commitment, Providence then moves, all sorts of things occur to help one that would otherwise never have occurred. Thus, the decision and Power of that decision rests entirely with you and me as to whether or not we will commit the daily time and discipline to these lessons in order that Spirit May then do its part.

How much life, abundance, goodness, truth and Beauty can we mentally entertain. This is the measure of our possible experience, this is the mold of acceptance. The infinite fills all molds and flows forever into the new and greater ones. It is The Unborn possibility of Limitless experience. We give birth to it
(Page 44 November or Science of Mind p.80)

So Let us be Thankful to be alive. Let us be Grateful for these teachings.
Let us be Grateful for all those around us.
Let us be contented with all that we have.
Let us feel joy, happiness and delight with every breath, knowing that we are one with God, One with the Power of God, one with the Love of God.

Let us constructively praise and creatively Bless our life that abounds with love, peace and joy. Let goodness shine forth. Let us turn to see that everyone is evolving. Let us so live and think that we may retire at night in peace, knowing that no harm can come to the soul; that we may arise in the morning renewed in body and in mind, with a brighter outlook, a happier expectation, a blessing and pure joy, looking upon all with love, condemning none and blessing even those who seek to injure us. Let us learn to be perfect, even as the Divine being, residing in the heart of everyone, and overshadowing Eternity, must also be perfect.

And So It Is

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