13 Thoughts to Ponder from
Dr. Ernest Holmes

There is one power in the Universe and we can all use it.

We are all thinking, willing, knowing,conscious centers of Life. We are surrounded by, immersed in, and there is flowing through us a creative something… call it what you will.

Life is not just something to be endured. It is to be lived in joy, in a fullness without limit.

Man, by thinking, can bring into his experience whatsoever he desires–if he thinks correctly, and becomes a living embodiment of his thoughts. This is not done by holding thoughts but by knowing the Truth.

Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer.

Does this thing I wish to do express more life, more happiness, more peace to myself, and at the same time harm no one? If it does, it is right. It is not selfish.

It should be considered right to live and enjoy living. To be well, happy, and to express freedom, is to be in accord with Divine Law and Wisdom.

Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.

There should not be any sense of hurry or worry about this, just a calm, peaceful sense of reality. Let the Law work though, and express Itself in the experience.

The more power one gives to his thought–the more completely he believes that his thought has power–the more power it will have.

So I say quietly to oneself: There is one Life, that Life is God, that Life is perfect, that Life is my life now. It is flowing through me, circulating in me. I am one with Its rhythm. My heart beats with the pulsation of the Universe, in serenity, in peace, and in joy.

Today I know that the healing presence of Life is within me, forever restoring my mind and body.

I live in the faith that there is a Presence and Power greater than I am that nurtures and supports me in ways I could not even imagine. I know that this Presence is All knowing and All Power and is Always right where I am.

And So It Is