Spiritual Realization

Affirmative thinking makes it possible for you to work out your plans. This is so important that you can never afford to let negation interfere. Your thought must contain the best, because you  do want to bring your good to fruition in the best possible way. When you are free from the negation of emotional conflict the Mind becomes a clear, pure Channel through which God wisdom flows, and there is created for you the good you desire.

This is what is needed if you are to be successful. Then, too, the ability to think without the interference of negative feelings is necessary to the unfoldment of the deeper spiritual realization which is your highest  aspiration. This is something you cannot neglect! Such realization is an unfoldment eminently deeper than intellectual accomplishment. It is such a conscious unifying of self with God that one is aware of a complete and total Oneness. This is an experience one may not be able to put into words, but nevertheless it is so real that no one who experiences it can ever dispute it. It is what all mankind has forever sought, because it is the inherent nature of man, eventually, to find one’s true relationship to God. 

Clear thinking, health, happiness, friendship, and prosperity are all important and worthy. They are steps on the stairway up which we climb in our assent to spiritual realization.

And So It Is