Pray without ceasing. This means to be always on the affirmative side of life. To pray without ceasing is to never doubt and always trust the law of good. This communion is essential to the soul and natural to the mind. It is a constant recognition of our relationship to that presence in which we live and move and have our being.
Even those who do not usually say grace before meals would do well to lift their thoughts in thanks and gratitude. Put aside all those thoughts of worry, distrust, and anxiety, thereby ensuring wonderful digestion which is a perfect aid to health and assimilation.

Be grateful for Everything

In everything give thanks and more – be grateful. An attitude of gratitude is most beneficial and reflects the realization that we are now in heaven. We love to do for those who cooperate with, and are grateful for, our small endeavors. We must however be grateful for everything.

To daily meditate on the perfect life, to daily embody the great ideal, is a royal road to Freedom and to that peace which is beyond understanding and happiness, directly to the soul. Let us learn to see as God must, with a perfect vision. Let us seek the good and the true and then believing them with our whole heart. Let us be grateful, very grateful.

Let us daily say to ourselves perfect God within me, perfect life within me, which is God, come forth into expression through me as that which I am, Lead Me ever into the paths of perfection and cause me to see only the good. For this and so much more I am grateful. Gratitude with great joy and harmony is one of the pinnacles of treatment.

With this practice the soul will become illumined and will acquaint itself with God and be at peace. Gratitude is one of the chief Graces of human existence. Let us pray and be grateful.

And So It Is

Center for Spiritual Living in Templeton - Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

Presented on August 4th, 2019 at
Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living
Templeton, California