It is not through human determination, but by the silent workings of the Spirit through our organized thought that the Divine imparts of Its Power to man. We are the chemists in the laboratory of the infinite; what shall we produce?

What ever the ultimate power of the universe is, It is One; and since It is One It is undivided, therefore It is here. Since it is here, It is where we are and what we are within ourselves, and only within ourselves shall we discover God. 

Because of Its indivisibility, unity, and omnipresence, every bit of the Intelligence of the Universe and every atom of the power of the Law of the Universe, backs every word we speak, whatever its objectification might be, because the Universe knows nothing about big or little, important or unimportant. 

If we are dealing with limitless Power, then It can bring things to pass for us which we could have no possible way of knowing how to accomplish for ourselves. It touches all points at all times and knows every means necessary to any particular end. We choose but we need not outline.

Before final deliverance can be made we must conform to the nature of harmony, Truth, and unity, else we should find ourselves equipped with all Power, and not knowing how to rightly use it, we could destroy ourselves. We can well ponder long and earnestly on the thought that the Universe is really foolproof. Real power is delivered only when we are spiritually ready for it.

Power unused will do nothing. We must recognize spiritual power,
and then use it.

The power of our word is in the conviction that it has power.

It is not what we believe that makes truth, but we are fortunate if what we believe is truth, for then all the Power of the Heaven and Earth is aligned with us.