Creativity of Thought

Man is one with the original Cause of all. This is the reason for the creative power of man’s thought. It is not so much a gift of the Spirit as it is the inevitable nature of necessity. 

There are not two originators. There is only one. The universal side of man is God; the universal “I am” is the abstract essence of the individualized “I.” Man’s thought is creative, not because he wills it to be so, but because it is the will of the Universe, the nature of being.
There is no question about the creativeness of thought. The only question is, how are we going to use this creative agency within us? Shall we use it consciously and constructively and for definite purposes? Or shall we use it unconsciously and more or less destructively, merely because we do not understand it? The Science of Mind is the answer to this question. 

If any thought is creative, it must follow that all thought is creative. The Law of Mind is exact, not capricious. However, since man’s belief is his use of the Law, it must follow that the greater the conviction, the more power his word will have. Therefore, constructive prayer, treatment, or meditation is more powerful than mere Idle Words. 

Thoughts are literally things; they do not operate upon things. The universe in which we live is a system of Intelligence governed by law, which operates mechanically, always producing an inevitable result.

Thought creates all the conditions we experienced somewhere along the line, but the thinker creates his thoughts. 

We are scientific gardeners when we have learned that seed time and harvest time are independent of any existing circumstances whatsoever. The Garden of God is ever fertile, ever creative, ever productive, and our own thoughts, will, and Imagination scatter the seeds of our planting in it’s creative soil. Nothing can hinder the Harvest but ourselves.